Cloud computing has virtually revolutionized the way we do business. It will also change the way we store our data. The communication revolution has given us cloud computing, a technology that helps us store our data and applications remotely in a third party location. It would not be wrong if we say that the cloud computing revolution can be likened to the Y2K revolution that had swept the IT industry in the last decade. A lot of people were talking about Y2K putting an end to the IT industry as all computers would stop working on 31st December, which was the last day of the year 1999 as they were not configured to work in the year 2000.

But, nothing whatsoever happened and we could easily cross the hurdle posed by the Y2K bug. Similarly, it would not be wrong to say that we will also incorporate the changes that cloud computing will make in the way we do business, but at the same time, our businesses will not change. To put it plainly, cloud computing will prove as catalysts to bring about positive changes to our businesses. Some security benefits of cloud computing are elaborated here in this article. Although this technology is in its infancy, it is likely to cause great upheavals in the IT industry and in business houses at large.

Cloud computing offers a relatively low cost of operation. As there is no upfront cost for the hardware installation, the only charges would be for the fees charged by the service provider. All one has to do is to enroll with such service providers who suit our business needs. Cloud computing has great accessibility. You can store all your valuable data on remote third-party servers and access the same at any time and any place. You can even access your data on the move, as far as you are connected to the ubiquitous internet.

Cloud computing is a service that is easy to manage. You need not upgrade or maintain the cloud-computing servers. Cloud owners will maintain, manage, and upgrade the servers, for which you will pay them a fee. Most of these servers are highly resistant to data loss as they contain state of the art high-end security measures. Cloud computing services are more flexible than your regular web hosting services. The service provider can extend the storage capacity as per your business requirements and you will have to pay rent for space you use.

Thus, we see that although cloud computing is a relatively new technology that has hit us; we have already put in place the necessary security barriers which will increase its efficiency. Every cloud service package has tailor-made packages for big, medium, and small enterprises. The cloud storage owner gives you the choice of your preferred package, which will suit your business requirements, and you need not pay anything extra for the service. You will be charged for the amount of space that you occupy on the cloud server. All in all, cloud computing is a very secure service that will affect us in more ways than one.

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