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When a person achieves the goals he sets for himself; he is deemed a winner in his own eyes. Similarly, when someone fulfills the goals set for him by other people, then he is a winner in the eyes of those others. Here the moot question to be posed…

Charms of Coorg

Coorg, also known as Kodago, is a very popular destination for holidays in Karnataka state. Its mesmerizing beauty and its scenic surroundings beckon a lot of tourists each year. This charming hill station has numerous mountain ranges which add to its value as a tourist destination. Small…

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Marriage is a time when you have to show all your financial and social strength. Therefore, many people get their house done at the time of marriage. They use energizing color and cleverly reconfigure the space available at their disposal. This article will give you some…


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Harish Desai

I am a graduate civil engineer and a freelance content writer. I have 20 years experience in civil engineering and ten years freelance experience in content.

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