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Mobility solutions are the way to go. Are you wondering, what do I mean by that? Well, for every business, irrespective of its size, it is necessary to have a mobile strategy. In the absence of such a strategy, it is sure to fail. This becomes more pertinent in an atmosphere where there are approximately 3.8 billion users of smartphones. This means, 60% of the world population is using smartphones today. Moreover, by the year 2025, this figure will touch 80%. Are you surprised? Do not be. Today, we are moving into an era where the mobile phone is becoming an all-purpose gadget.

Therefore, there are a number of advantages in implementing enterprise mobility solutions. This article will lay down the advantages of implementing such solutions. For now, however, let us see the reasons to choose mobility solutions. As the world increasingly is hooked to their mobile devices, businesses of all sizes are developing a road map for implementing enterprise mobility solutions. They are increasingly allowing their customers to access their websites and products/services from multiple devices.

Benefits of enterprise mobility solutions

Now we will touch upon the benefits of implementing such solutions, as promised in this article, earlier. Increased user engagement and growth of business generated through mobile apps are the prime goals of every organization, whether big or small. The app with its many features and functionalities does not fail to facilitate these goals. Such apps if appropriately developed, can provide the following benefits:

a. Security

This is a key benefit in today’s world of crime and deceit. It helps prevent unauthorized access of business networks and keeps websites clear of malware applications. Some businesses also formulate some mobile app security best practices to be followed for a streamlined user experience.

b. Productivity

There are documented cases of increased productivity among businesses using mobile applications, to the extent of 40% in two quarters. These cases are found after secondary research on the benefits of employing mobile apps. Mobile apps not only increase work efficiency but also save businesses valuable time. This further enhances productivity. More work is achieved per unit of time.

c. Increased efficiency

On the run updates increase the efficiency of the employees. In addition, work processes become short as they are made mobile accessible. This efficiency can be extrapolated to the whole organization. It will result in enterprise-wide increase in inefficiency. This will in turn improve employee productivity, reduce employee downtime, and consequently raise profitability.

d. System and cloud integration

With the arrival of cloud-enabled storage solutions and services, database and legacy systems can now be integrated using the designated points on the infrastructure. The employment of cloud-enabled systems and services add value and provide independence to the business model, overall.

e. Saving in cost and time

Employment of enterprise mobility solutions will allow easy access to valuable data. It will also reduce costs. This will become possible with the storage and retrieval of data being synchronized with the access control process. Thus, they will help to provide a two-fold benefit.

f. Greater portability of the network

The factor that is the key to enterprise mobility is the ease of use. This is a major challenge that organizations have to face when they decide to go with enterprise mobility solutions. However, all of this will require a well-thought-out and concise plan and strategy.

g. Seamless sharing of content

The sharing of content becomes seamless. This means, users get the facility to access the content on the go, irrespective of the time and location. This seamless content sharing then shapes the future of the organization.

h. Paperless work-force

With global warming staring us in the face, implementing an effective enterprise mobility solution is the cornerstone of the success of any business. Centrally located online policy documents, which are accessible by all, and sundry, provide a paperless workforce.

i. Accurate data capturing

With multiple data access points, available on the app, enterprises can increasingly rely on the data collected through the app.

j. Employee empowerment

The free circulation and exchange of information among employees through polls and surveys allows effective employee engagement. It allows the employees working within an organization to share knowledge and communicate freely.


These are the ten advantages, which accrue when we employ enterprise mobility solutions. It will be pertinent here to point out that for the purpose of brevity, I have given only ten advantages.

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