What is an app

An app or an application (which is its full form) refers to any program or group of programs that facilitate the doing of an activity repeatedly. They are designed for the end-user. For example, a hotel may create an app for its customers so that they can order food online from it, repeatedly. The main objective is to make ordering food easy so that the activity may be performed on a regular basis. Nowadays, we have apps for every small thing. If you are addicted to this app world, there is a caveat to this world. Apps downloaded on mobile phones may be able to access important data stored on the phone.

Not many people like such intrusion. Therefore, the app world is not for everyone. It is only for people who are tech-savvy and who know their technology well enough to distinguish between an app that seeks to intrude into their data and an app that merely tries to make things easier for them. Nowadays, there are a number of apps coming into the market for doing various activities. A standing example of it is the BookMyShow app. This app was created to make the activity of booking entertainment tickets online, easier. By doing this the film industry has increased its revenue.

What is android

Now let us tackle android. This is an operating system created by Google for mobile phones. This application software is designed especially for mobiles and it is based on the Linux kernel and other open-source software programs, which are designed for touchscreen phones and tablets. Touchscreen phones are called smartphones. There is also an android operating system each for televisions, cars, and wristwatches. There is also an android for game consoles, digital cameras, and personal computers. Right from the time the first commercial Android device was launched in September 2008, to the current period, the Android operating system has changed in leaps and bounds. The current version is called 8.1 “Oreo”. Suffice to say that android is an all-encompassing operating system, which has brought about tremendous change.

Ten best android apps for small business

Now that the meaning of apps and android is clear, let’s get down to listing the ten best android apps for small businesses. The ten best android apps are as under:


This is one business app that everyone should try to apply in his or her daily routines. It is a to-do manager that allows users to allot work to their subordinates. You can also add many sub-sections to it as per the need.


This application helps you scan documents. Everything from word files to excel spreadsheets can be scanned. It also enables users to quickly share the scanned documents with colleagues, the HR department, or wherever else it is needed. This app gives editable pdf files, which can be modified if required.

Google drive suite

Google has come out with a number of office apps under the Google drive banner. Through this app, you can get support for pdfs, images, notes, documents, spreadsheets, and many other things. This app works both, on your mobile and the computer. Due to this, it enjoys tremendous patronage among small businesses.

Google my business

This app helps your business to be visible on Google search and Google maps. These are huge business lead generators. This app also lets you update facts about your business namely hours of operation, name, and address. Multiple locations can be managed through this app.

Microsoft office suite

This is the ubiquitous Microsoft suite of apps namely Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Here, Word is the word processor, Excel, the spreadsheet maker, and PowerPoint, the presentation maker. These have a presence both on the web as well as on mobile.

Newton mail

Newton mail is the support app for small business people. It supports most email accounts, be it Rediff, Gmail, or even Yahoo. Additionally, it also supports other apps and services like LinkedIn, Ever note, Taoist, Zen desk, etc. This app includes a calendar and a two-step verification process for security.


This is one of the better apps for both small and medium-sized businesses. Many businesses use PayPal to manage transactions and invoices. At times, it is used to pay employees. A business account can be set up which can both send and receive money.


Slack is a business app that helps users do many things. It helps them manage multiple channels, document sharing, a simple interface, a chatbot, etc. It can be integrated with a number of third-party apps and websites like Google drive.

Square register

This is a very useful business app for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and medium-sized businesses. It can also help manage mobile businesses. Essentially, it is a simple system of point-of-sale. It provides a basic magnetic strip reader free. Better alternatives to this reader may be available at a cost.

Any authenticator app

A two-step verification process is necessary for any app. It helps prevent hackers from accessing your data easily. It also keeps your contacts, files, and information safe. Platforms like Google, Microsoft, and Last Pass all have their own authenticator apps.

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